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Coyne Program

The Coyne Basic Life Support / First Aid Training Course provides the means with which to teach lifesaving skills in-house without having to rely on others outside of your organization to do so.  Your scheduling problems are eliminated, courses are conducted at your convenience and all of this is accomplished with a saving of time and money.


The relationship between high quality CPR and survival from cardiac arrest has long been established. The common theme in the communities saving the most lives from Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrest is high-quality cardiopulmonary resuscitation.  Instructor-led retraining for life-threatening emergencies should occur at least annually.

Cards don’t save lives, skills do.  This is why we elect to require an annual refresher of the CPR skills. We regard a 2-year requirement as a fundamental flaw in that for the second year the vital skills are diminished and survival is compromised.

The Coyne Program requires less training hours than those with 2 year cards in that our CPR Refresher takes approximately 2 hours and we provide 2-year cards for Basic First Aid. 

How It Works
Available Training Programs

Step 1:

Our Master Instructor teaches selected personnel to become Instructor Trainers.  This requires a comprehensive two-day seminar which is conducted at our Training Center, or can be conducted at a location of your choosing.

Step 2:

Your Instructor Trainer(s) then teach others in your  organization to become Instructors.

Step 3:

Your Instructor Trainer(s) and/or Instructors then teach the  remaining personnel the Coyne Basic Life Support/First Aid  Course.

Level I

A modular course consisting of Adult Basic Life Support and First Aid.  Each module can be taught in 3-4 hours.

Adult Basic Life Support - Prevention and initial care for Cardiac Emergencies including Automated External Defibrillation.  Also included in the module is proper care to relieve foreign body airway obstruction.

Basic First Aid - Prevention and initial care for assistance given to a sick or injured person until full medical treatment is available.

Level II

Pediatric Basic Life Support - Deals with infants and children up to 8 years of age.

When sudden illness or injury strikes, action taken in the following few minutes can be the difference between life or death...




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